84% Of People Regularly Share Dreams

84% Of People Regularly Share Dreams

Some people believe that sharing dreams can help interpret their meaning. They share their dreams in the hope that others will give them feedback or make suggestions. I wanted to find out more and asked the target group.


๐Ÿ’ก Dreams cannot be interpreted scientifically. However, many people are still interested in this topic. So why shouldn't there be a trustworthy provider that doesn't force them into bad habits like many of the spiritual gurus out there who want to sell healing stones and crap like that.

I did a first short survey within the audience. For this survey, I asked 59 participants about their behavior when sharing dreams. Mostly women over 40 responded to the survey.

Are all those who are interested in dreams spiritual souls?

Of course they are not. People from all social classes and with the most diverse personalities have always been fascinated by dreams. It is obvious that there is a target group of hardcore spiritualists. However, there are also science enthusiasts and realists who are interested in their dreams but donโ€™t want anything to do with hocus-pocus.

Do people share their dreams with others?

The survey shows similar dream sharing numbers to those from the study Testing the Empathy Theory of Dreaming: The Relationships Between Dream Sharing and Trait and State Empathy which examined the relationship between dream sharing and empathy. This shows that there is a huge interest in sharing dreams.

97.9% of all people have shared a dream with another person โ€” Testing the Empathy Theory of Dreaming

About 14.5% of dreams are shared โ€” Testing the Empathy Theory of Dreaming


Are people interested in their own dreams?

For many people, their dreams have added value. Thatโ€™s why the majority of people want to know more about their dreams.


The added value can also be just fun to switch off. The involvement with their own dreams can be like a kind of meditation.

Dreams also help me to get away from everyday life โ€” Anonym participant

Some others want to use their dreams to better understand their subconscious and use dreams for reflection.

Because they can be messages from the subconscious mind that, if interpreted correctly, could have a positive influence on my life and ways of living โ€” Anonym participant

In order to work with dreams, it is necessary to practice the dream memory to improve dream recall. Unfortunately, the majority of all dreams are forgotten. That is why at least half of all participants are interested in remembering their dreams even more often. The best tool for this is a dream diary. While many still write with pen and paper, a small number use the advantages of a dream diary app.

Why do people care about the dreams of others in dream sharing?

It seems that for most people it is simply an exciting activity to study the dreams of others.


In addition, people get to know each other better during the dream sharing. For example, topics are addressed that people may not dare to talk about in daily life.

It is interesting to know what others think about it and how others interpret my dreams โ€” Anonym participant