Hi, I am David Tech Expert & Entrepreneur 👋
Over the last few years of trying to be self-employed, I have learned a lot. This journey was truly crazy! From being a nerdy hacker sitting in front of my laptop and just coding into an entrepreneur.

This has developed into my very rare unique selling point: I have a very strong background in software engineering and architecture, but also an understanding of how business models work and how to develop products to satisfy stakeholders.

Now I would like to share my knowledge with you. Get in touch with me and connect with me on LinkedIn.
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Companies that trust me


Key skills


I used to think I had to put on an act in order to keep up. Today, I know that even as a rather introverted person and a INTJ personality, I have many strengths. Just different ones.

🤗 Authentic: If you talk to me, you'll get my truthful opinion. I prefer to undersell rather than oversell. However, I really do deliver what I promise.

🎭 No Fake: I stick to the facts and don't put on a mask just to fool others. It is important to me to be honest and to support my friends and colleagues.

👂 Listen: I may not be the loudest person in the room, but I am a good listener and prefer meaningful relationships. Quality over quantity.
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